How to Make Rings in Metal Clay

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Art on your hand… Rings in metal clay are so fun to create! Throughout the Metal Clay Rings Course you’ll learn how to calculate shrinkage, create different style of bands, attach elements and centerpieces, and set stones. You’ll also learn to solder onto metal clay once it has been fired and countless other tips and tricks I’ll show you along the way!

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What You Will Learn

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Curious Mondo: How to Make Rings in Metal Clay

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Jewelry makers, people interested in precious metal clay

Main objective:
Enhance your metal clay skills by learning how to make rings.


Class 1:

  • Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Calculating Ring Shrinkage
  • Making Ring Cores

Class 2:

  • Simple Solid Band
  • Band with Bezel Cup
  • Wrap Band using mold

Class 3:

  • Tapered Wrap Band with CZ
  • Open Cuff Ring
  • Create Flat Band

Class 4:

  • Make Bezel and Re-fire onto Ring
  • Polish pieces from Day 1

Class 5:

  • Pearl Post Ring using Pre Fired Band
  • Ring with Bezel set stone

Class 6:

  • Oval Focal to be soldered to ring band

Class 7:

  • Make Bezel and Re-fire onto Ring
  • Polish pieces from Day 1

Class 8:

  • Make Sterling Ring Band
  • Solder ring elements together
  • Polish Rings from Day 2

Class 9:

  • Set stone in bezel Cup
  • Polish saddle ring
  • Set stone for saddle ring

Bonus Items:

  • Downloadable Work Surface
  • Materials List

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