How to Make a Renaissance Pearl Necklace


Join us as we travel back in time to the renaissance period which provided the inspiration for this beautiful and elegant necklace designed by Tremaine Fenton! In this one day fast track class, she will walk us through how to use a variety of techniques to add dimension and style to this timeless but versatile piece.

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What You Will Learn

Step into the world of Renaissance jewelry and learn how to make a stunning pearl necklace with our How to Make a Renaissance Pearl Necklace course. Discover the intricate and elegant beauty of Renaissance-style jewelry as our expert instructor guides you through each step of the process, from selecting the perfect pearls to creating a personalized design that will turn heads. Buy now and let’s get started on your Renaissance pearl necklace masterpiece!

In this exhilarating course, you’ll:

  • Introduction to pearl jewelry making and safety precautions
  • Materials and tools needed for the course
  • Selecting the right pearls and beads
  • Knotting techniques for stringing the pearls
  • Adding wirework elements to the necklace
  • Creating the clasp for the necklace
  • Finishing and polishing the necklace.

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