How to Create a Distraction-Free Workplace


Find out how to get rid of distraction, miscommunication, and overwhelm in your workplace, so you can focus yourself and others on the most important business priorities.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Introduction
  • Leader’s Dashboard: Clear on the Fundamentals
  • Mission, Vision, Values, Edge
  • Initiatives and KPIs/SMART Goals
  • Key Relationships
  • Professional Development for Staff

Class 02:

  • Priorities & Focus, Audit Your Time
  • 15 Habits of Productive People (Kevin Kruse)
  • Create Ideal Workweek (with daily huddle, standing meetings, project time, strategic thinking/planning time, “office hours”, management and professional development of direct reports, review your own progress on projects and calendaring items for the coming week/month)
  • Setting Boundaries Around Your Time
  • Create an Efficient Office Flow
  • Prioritize Strategic Value (based on Leader’s Dashboard)
  • Avoiding “Fires”
  • Knowing What’s Good Enough (ban perfection)
  • Decreasing Interruptions
  • Effective and Efficient Meetings
  • Delegation
  • How to Be Accessible on Your Terms

Class 03:

  • Reinforcing Your Company’s Culture
  • Universal Fears and Desires (Glaser)
  • Leadership Reactions: When backed into a corner, how do you react/respond? (Glaser)
  • Cultural Stressors (Glaser): what’s going on in the biz enviro?
  • Culture Assessment: Me vs. We (Glaser)
  • Explore Specific Examples – Are you walking your talk?
  • So what must change to keep you relevant in the market?
  • Leaders Go First – What will you role model, when and how?
  • Specific Messages to Send to Your Senior Team as a Whole
  • Planning for Individual Messages for Senior Team
  • Members & Behavioral Expectations
  • Cascade Down
  • On-going Feedback Process (Goldsmith)

Class 04:

  • Execution
  • Is Everybody Ready for Something New?
  • SMART Goals
  • Lead Measures
  • Keeping Score
  • Unconscious False Perceptions That Get in the Way
  • Unpacking Unconscious Beliefs re: Time Usage (see Hour 2)
  • Unpacking Unconscious Beliefs re: Money & Resources
  • Unpacking Unconscious Beliefs re: Using Influence

Class 05:

  • Create the Case for Change – Polarity Tool
  • Creating an Execution Action Plan
  • Accountability Plan
  • Milestones
  • Quick Wins
  • Stakeholder Analysis and/or Mapping
  • Committed supporters
  • Compliant supporters
  • Neutral stakeholders
  • Antagonistic stakeholders
  • Active Resisters

Class 06:

  • Assessing Risks
  • Leading the Way by Setting the Tone
  • Assess Current Company Processes/Structures for Supporting Execution
  • Communication Plan
  • Specific Conversations to Have (w/ Individuals or Units)
  • Creating a Process for Unpacking and Sharing Lessons
  • Creating a Process for Developing, Selling, and Implementing Ideas
  • Handling Setbacks and Resistance
  • Appreciating / Acknowledging Achievement & Contributions


  • Boundary Planner!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
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Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Someone who needs to plan a wedding.

Main objective:
Create a Distraction-Free Workplace.


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