How to Attract, Keep, and Maximize Your Employees!

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The entrepreneur starts their business with dreams of prosperity and freedom. They frequently have a great idea or product that meets the needs of the market and now the business is taking off. The Entrepreneur is limited not by their competence or passion, but by their capacity. They simply cannot do it all. The answer? Hire people to help. And that’s when the problems begin.

In this workshop we will cover how to:

  • Decide when to make the first hire
  • Avoid the most common mistakes in hiring
  • How to create a hiring process that fits your company
  • Select the right people for your culture
  • Get the new employee off to the right start
  • Reinforce your culture and values
  • Motivate your team
  • Hold employees accountable
  • Protect your company from vampires and zombies

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • What is HR
  • Key Functions of HR
  • How Company Culture matters
  • When to Hire
  • Identifying the Need to hire
  • Identifying Bad Reasons to hire
  • Hiring Mistakes

Class 02:

  • Recruiting
  • Ad Writing
  • Screening in Ad
  • Placement
  • Recruiting mistakes

Class 03:

  • Importance of Selection
  • Selection Process
  • Interview Options
  • IV Questions
  • Assessments
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checking
  • Offer Letter
  • Selection Mistakes
  • Importance of On Boarding
  • Two Phases
  • Videos
  • Keeping People

Class 04:

  • Performance Mgmt. Importance
  • Tie to Job Description
  • Goal Setting
  • Types of Goals: Quantity, Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Culture

Class 05:

  • Evaluations
  • Elements and Strategy
  • Feedback
  • SPIN
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Delivery
  • Restaurant Mistake
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Motivations
  • Pay vs. Recognition
  • Recognition Mistakes

Class 06:

  • Retention Strategies
  • Cost of Turnover
  • Tangible, Intangible
  • Top Reasons for Turnover
  • Employee Surveys
  • Hire Back/Counteroffers
  • Retention Mistakes
  • Exiting People

Class 07:

  • Dealing with Problems
  • Intent
  • Perf Mgmt. Cycle
  • Value of an Employee Handbook
  • Progressive Discipline

Class 08:

  • Dealing with Problems
  • Delivering Discipline
  • Tran Analysis
  • SPIN
  • Witnesses
  • NLRB Implications
  • Term Offenses
  • Documentation
  • Judge’s Perspective
  • Refusal to Sign
  • Firing Mistakes

Class 09:

  • Terminations
  • The Conversation
  • Exit Interviews
  • Giving References
  • Mistakes
  • Summary of Laws and Jurisdictions

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Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Small Business Owners

Main objective:
To understand how to expand your business by augmenting capacity through employees and how to manage them.



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