Fused Glass Christmas Village

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Join Jodi from Glass With a Past and learn to make this adorable Christmas Village using glass fusing techniques. Together we will do project planning, reverse painting and finally fuse and fold to create 3 dimensional houses, trees and a church. Includes materials list, templates used in class, and blank templates to customize with your own designs.

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What You Will Learn

“Fused Glass Christmas Village: A Contemporary Twist on a Classic Holiday Theme”

Step into a world where holiday tradition meets modern glass artistry! This dynamic course will have you crafting a striking fused glass Christmas village that showcases your unique, contemporary taste. Ideal for glass art enthusiasts at any skill level, this course is sure to leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle your next creative project.

Course Breakdown:

Fused Glass Christmas Village Essentials: Kick off your journey with an introduction to the tools, techniques, and safety tips you’ll need to bring your holiday vision to life.
Modern Village Design Concepts: Let your creativity flow as you explore innovative design ideas, incorporating abstract shapes, clean lines, and bold colors into your glass village.
Cutting and Shaping Glass: Hone your skills in cutting and shaping glass to create the sleek components that will make your village stand out.
Layering for Depth and Dimension: Add depth, dimension, and visual interest to your village through the art of layering glass.
Assembling and Firing Your Village: Discover the secrets to assembling your glass village components and firing them to achieve impressive results.
Finishing Touches and Illumination: Make your village truly shine with inventive finishing touches and lighting techniques.
Display and Presentation Ideas: Showcase your creation with pride using a variety of modern display options tailored to your personal style.

The “Fused Glass Christmas Village” course is the perfect opportunity to combine your love of glass art and the holiday season. By the end of the course, you’ll have created a dazzling, contemporary display that captivates and impresses.

So, why wait? Sign up for the “Fused Glass Christmas Village” course today and start turning heads with your festive, modern glass masterpiece!


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