Fused Glass and Silver Fusion


In this fused glass and silvesmithing course, you will learn how to take sheet glass and dichroic glass and turn them into beautiful cabochons to include in your jewelry!

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Intro and bio
  • Overview of what class will cover
  • Glass tools and safety
  • Basic Glass Tools – explain tools and how tools are used
  • Kiln – programming jewelry kiln, good firing practices
  • Grinder – water, coolant, how to grind, how to replace a head
  • Using a dust mask – why and what is silicosis
  • Using eye protection
  • Hand protection – gripper gloves
  • Injuries and first aid

Class 02:

  • Working with glass
  • Glass compatibility and what that means
  • What is devitrification and how to fix devit in art glass
  • Dichroic Glass – colors, patterns, backingHow to cut stack and ready dichroic glass to make pattern sheet and prepare for firing
  • How to cut the pattern sheet to form cabochons

Class 03:

  • How to make dichroic glass houses
  • Cutting black back
  • Cutting roof and house
  • Cutting windows and doors
  • Attaching parts
  • Finishing houses after firing

Class 04:

  • Creating Settings in Silver
  • Torch – types and uses
  • Pickle and pot – safety considerations, types of pickle
  • Safety for metal working – working with open flame, chemicals, ventilation
  • Other supplies used in metalsmithing – i.e. soldering pads, charcoal, etc.
  • Work area set up

Class 05:

  • What metal to use? Silver, copper, brass, nickel; considerations when using each
  • Drawing out your design on paper and determining what shapes to cut out
  • Jewelry saw – how to install blade, how to saw sheet
  • Using tin snips to cut small silver pieces
  • Cutting wire
  • Using Dremel tool to drill holes in metal
  • Cleaning your metal

Class 06:

  • What is solder? Types and grades and how to use.
  • Demonstrate soldering technics that will be used to create settings
  • How to stamp into metal

Class 07:

  • Cutting out base of house setting
  • Cutting out bezel roof and base of house
  • Cutting out prongs for house
  • Stamping words into metal

Class 08:

  • Soldering roof onto sheet metal base
  • Marking and soldering base bezel onto sheet metal base
  • Drilling holes for prongs
  • Soldering prongs
  • Soldering word strips and bail on back of setting
  • Soldering bail on back of setting
  • Adding a jump ring to bail

Class 09:

  • Cleaning and finishing settings
  • Setting stones
  • Wrap up

BONUS CLASS 01: Wild Woman Pendant

  • How to bezel set a glass cabochon
  • Soldering bezel wire
  • Soldering bezel wire to backing
  • Soldering the jump ring, hair, arms and legs
  • Finishing pendant
  • glass-and-silver-fusion-01.jpg

BONUS CLASS 02: Garden Bell

  • Cutting out clear glass base
  • Forming wire loops for attachments
  • Decorating Garden Bell with Dichroic Glass – shapes and designs
  • Explain how to fire piece
  • Attaching the bell and chain

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Fused Glass and Silver Fusion

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass artists, anyone who loves glass or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to take sheet glass and dichroic glass and turn them into beautiful cabochons to include in your jewelry!


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