Faux Neon and Other Fused Glass Sign Techniques

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Need a fancy sign for your glass business? Maybe a welcome in your kitchen? How about a witty or snarky comment in the hall? Join us for an educational and entertaining course about fused glass sign making. We’ll make faux neon signs, signs that welcome, signs that declare, and a whole lot of techniques that can be used on your fused glass projects for a very long time. This course will include projects in fusible art glass and float glass, so something for everyone. It’s a sign that you should sign up immediately!

Topics included:

  • Fusing
  • Glass Painting (in a sign making way)
  • Lighting
  • Mounting the sign
  • Making bases for signs
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What You Will Learn

Discover the mesmerizing world of faux neon fused glass and elevate your glass artistry by  incorporating cutting-edge sign techniques. This engaging course welcomes glass enthusiasts of all skill levels and backgrounds, guiding you on a journey to create striking glass signs that combine modern aesthetics with classic neon-inspired designs.

Course Breakdown:

Introduction to Faux Neon Fused Glass: Delve into the fundamentals of faux neon fused glass, including essential tools, techniques, and safety precautions.
Designing Your Glass Sign: Learn how to conceptualize and create unique, eye-catching designs for your faux neon glass signs.
Glass Cutting and Shaping: Hone your skills in cutting and shaping glass for intricate, detailed sign components.
Bending Glass Tubes: Master the art of bending glass tubes to mimic the appearance of neon lighting in your glass signs.
Assembling and Firing: Discover the secrets of assembling your sign components and firing them to perfection.
Illuminating Your Art: Learn how to integrate LED lighting into your glass sign, adding a vibrant, modern touch to your artwork.
Plus, enjoy these exclusive bonus video classes to expand your fused glass repertoire:

Bonus: Power Tools for Fused Glass Artists – Unleash the full potential of power tools to enhance your fused glass art, from cutting and shaping to polishing and finishing.
Bonus: Routers in Fused Glass – Explore the versatile applications of routers in fused glass art, adding depth, detail, and texture to your creations.
Whether you’re new to fused glass or an experienced artist seeking fresh inspiration, the “Faux Neon and Other Fused Glass Sign Techniques” course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create visually stunning glass signs that showcase your creativity and artistic vision.

Enroll in the “Faux Neon and Other Fused Glass Sign Techniques” course today and illuminate your path to artistic innovation!

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass artists, fused glass artists, anyone who loves glass, or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to make faux neon signs with fused glass



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