Faux Ikat – How I use Variegated Yarns When Weaving

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This class will cover my favorite ways to use variegated or spaced dyed or hand painted yarns. I like to control the “pooling” with in the way I wind the warp and also by manipulating the war as it is wound on. These “faux ikat” warps an be used on Rigid Heddle or Shaft Looms and I will be demonstrating both.


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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About Deanna
  • Material needed and tools
  •  What yarns work well for this technique and suggestions for using them

Class 02:

  • How to find the repeat so you can warp for faux ikat

Class 03:

  • What is a circular warp and why do you use one

Class 04:

  • Let’s weave. How do you figure sett for a yarn and length for a variegated/painted warp

Class 05:

  • How many ways can we hold the warp cross to thread a reed

Class 06:

  • How do you find the best weft to cross all these beautiful warp colors

Class 07:

  • And here is another way we can make the warp shift our way

Class 08:

  • Tying on the back of the loom a new less waste method

Class 09:

  • Using weights to help wind the warp easier


  • How it all started, here is how I use the sock yarn to make a warp.

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