Creating Jewelry and Accessories with Resin


Lisa will guide the viewer into the basics of working with quick cure resin and then take the viewer into more in-depth tips and techniques, including preventing or fixing bubbles, which inclusions to work with, alternative curing methods, special effects and much, much more! The online class on U.V resin jewelry will include project techniques including how to make layered collages with resin for floating/dimensional effects, creating various surface effects including concave, lens-like and cabochon finishes. We’ll also learn how to use u.v resin in open frameworks and acrylic forms. Several pieces in this U.V. Resin Jewelry Course will also use polymer clay.

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In-Depth Instructions

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About the instructor
  • Supplies needed
  • Pouring tips and tricks
  • Curing options

Class 02:

  • Manipulating cured resin with drilling, surface design and repair
  • Filling effects: concave, lens and cabochon finishes
  • Applying resin to open-sided work

Class 03:

  • Inclusions – what works and what doesn’t
  • Filling non-flat items
  • Coloration

Class 04:

  • Foil Effects and Faux Dichroic looks for Resin
  • Hand-formed patterns with foils

Class 05:

  • Lisa’s “Pavelka Peel” technique for detailed patterns
  • Double Pavelka Peel

Class 06:

  • Inlay Effects
  • Utilizing foil scraps for incredible faux art glass creations

Class 07:

  • Layering with Resin
  • Collaging with mixed media

Class 08:

  • Layered collage in bezel settings
  • Layering with open-backed frames/bezels

Class 09:

  • Layering on acrylic forms


  • BONUS CLASS: Fauxpal (imitative opal) Technique
  • BONUS CLASS: Faux Sea Glass side collage pendant
  • BONUS CLASS: “Sweet Life” jewelry
  • BONUS CLASS: Washi Tape and Resin
  • BONUS CLASS: Fabrics and Resin
  • Image transfers for UV resin

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Creating Jewelry and Accessories with Resin

Time table:
9 hours

Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Resin artists, jewelry makers

Main objective:
Learn how to create jewelry and accessories with quick cure resin.


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