Create Stained Glass Waterfowl Sculptures


Flat panels aren’t the only thing you can make with stained glass. This course will cover creating flat, stained glass pieces and mounting them on driftwood to create a breathtaking sculpture. We’ll be making flat stained glass birds (a heron, stilt, and killdeer) as well as cattails and grasses using fused glass and copper foil. A tiny dragonfly will be the final touch.


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What You Will Learn

Learn how to work with foil overlays, how to make the birds’ legs, and how to add painted details for the birds’ eyes and dragonfly wings. And finally, how to mount it all on a driftwood log. Any combination of the elements will make a beautiful sculpture. Join Cheryl as she guides us through this journey through nature!

Day 1
• Making and assembling Cattails
• Making stained glass dragonfly
• Getting started with waterfowl
Day 2
• Cutting and assembling Killdeer
• Reinforcing Heron with wire
• Adding paint details on eyes
Day 3
• Attaching legs to birds
• Final detail work and cleaning
• Assembling the large and small sculptures
Bonus class
• Using a ring saw to cut complicated shapes (the fish)
• Adding details with paint and scales with a foil overlay

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