Costuming for Art Dolls

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In this course we will learn from Karen Baker (you saw her in the recent course on how to make polymer clay elves) how to make a costume for art dolls. We will cover the basic, pants, shirt and vest and then a simple dress and pantaloons for a woman or girl, these skills can be applied to any size, but the size that will be demonstrated with be for the elf we created in the previous course. Hope you can join us!

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What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • About Karen
  • Materials needed and tool
  • Hand stitches we need to know

Class 2:

  • Pattern making and cutting
  • Measuring doll correctly
  • How to put it together
  • Fabric

Class 3:

  • How to make a Top Shirt for your doll
  • How to make Pants for your doll
  • How to make a vest for your doll

Class 4:

  • Finishing the outfit
  • Start dress / pantaloons

Class 5:

  • How to make a skirt for your doll
  • How to make a hat for your doll

Class 6:

  • How to make a blouse for your doll
  • Spraying with water technique
  • How to make an elf hat for your doll

Class 7:

  • Armature for a polymer clay boot

Class 8:

  • Starting polymer clay boot

Class 9:

  • Detailing a polymer clay boot
  • Finishing touches

Class 10:

  • How to paint your polymer clay shoes to look realistic and cool

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