Basics of Beading and Jewelry

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Learn a variety of beading techniques in this fun course taught by Tremaine Fenton. You will learn how to professionally knot pearls using the same method as fine jewelers, how to use a beading loom and learn a fringe technique used to create the clusters that make up the Evil Eye Candy Bracelet, and more!


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What You Will Learn

In this course we will cover:

  • How to set up and use a Rick’s Beading Loom
    How to finish a loom project using slides on ends.
    How to add a three-dimensional edge to a loom project
    How to use a bead reamer
    Three pearl knotting techniques
    Basic Fringe techniques
    How to string and finish a bracelet using crimp beads & crimping tools.

Class 01 – Neon Stripes Bracelet:

  • About the instructor
  • Materials needed
  • How to set up a Rick’s Beading Loom
  • How to make the correct measurements for your bracelet
  • How to warp the loom

Class 02:

  • How to start the bead work on the loom
  • How to end and add more thread to your bracelet
  • How to finish off the Bracelet

Class 03:

  • How to add the end pieces and the clasp
  • How to create the three dimensional edging

Class 04 – Professional Pearl Knotting:

  • Basic step by step instructions
  • Choosing your pearls
  • Basic design ideas
  • How and when to ream your pearls

Class 05:

  • Stringing your pearls
  • Using French Wire
  • How to knot using 2 strand method
  • How to finish your pearl necklace.

Class 06:

  • Other knotting techniques
  • Knotting using tweezers or a beading awl
  • Knotting using an Easy Knotter
  • Discuss other options for finishing your ends

Class 07 – Evil Eye Candy Bracelet:

  • How to create the clusters

Class 08:

  • How to string
  • How to finish and crimp the bracelet together

Class 09:

  • How to make the clusters into earrings
  • Additional fun ideas to create with the clusters


  • Materials list
  • Patterns

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Basics of Beading

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Jewelry makers, anyone who loves jewelry and beading, or wants to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn the basics of beading and jewelrymaking



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