Putting the “Zing” Into Amazing Animal Puppets

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Two award-winning artists team up to show you how to create animal puppets from character design, to construction, to coloring, texturing and costuming.

Barry Gordemer will teach you how to build a foam rubber animal head and body. Then he’ll demonstrate how to cover it seamlessly with fabric and create eyes that radiate with life.

Melissa Nasby will show you how to take your puppet to a whole other level. She will show you some finishing techniques that can be applied to puppets you already own! Then she will sculpt a whole new look for the puppet, giving you so many options for making the most out of your puppet character.

Take advantage of this unique collaboration of 2 artists with different styles, techniques and mediums. This is a masterclass like no other!

The course includes patterns and a complete list of supplies. You’ll also get herds of tips and tricks that will make your inner animal stampede with excitement!

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In-Depth Instructions

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What You Will Learn

Day 1:

  • BARRY Foam head construction: Patterning, Jaw, Mouthplate Cheeks
  • BARRY: Finger Tubes Fabric, colour
  • MELISSA: Fur Texturing Demo
  • BARRY: Fabric, Colour Palette, Covering the face
  • MELISSA : More Fur Altering

Day 2:

  • BARRY: Finish Face: Vacuum Former, Eyes, Nose
  • MELISSA: Show different ways to make eyes
  • BARRY: Whiskers, Ears, Teeth
  • MELISSA: Show different way to make Teeth, Add wool to ears
  • BARRY: Hands and Feet
  • MELISSA: Add texture and colour to Barry’s Puppet Head, FUR demo

Day 3:

  • MELISSA: Primary Shape sculpting, base layer of mask, Strategic underlay for Reverse needle
  • MELISSA: Secondary Layer Skinning, refining shape adding muscle structure
  • MELISSA: FUR layer, reverse needle, fine detail

Day 4:

  • MELISSA : Eyes, Mane
  • BARRY: Tail
  • MELISSA : Mane attachment , Ears, Nose (Neoprene)
  • MELISSA: Final details, colouring, Whiskers, Strap
  • BARRY: Perform Mondo as a Lion


  • Bonus VIDEO Classes – Head & Cheese
  • Materials List
  • Patterns

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1 review for Putting the "Zing" Into Amazing Animal Puppets

  1. Donald

    Having taken Barry’s first class Making Foam Rubber Puppets, I knew I had to check this course out too. Barry and Melissa are amazing and this course will not disappoint. Great tips and instruction. Their enthusiasm and tips continue to re-ignite my creativity and joy in making foam based puppets.

    This is my second Curious Mondo course and really like the platform and instruction offered.

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