Advanced Stained Glass – Foil Method


Fun things to do with your scrap art glass! This course is for stained glass artists with a basic knowledge of foil method (also known as Tiffany style) stained glass. We will create 3-D glass projects including a treasure box, a dragonfly sun catcher, and a standing dragon figurine. We’ll discuss how to construct and safely solder 3-D projects, use wire to reinforce freeform shapes and attaching embellishments.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Dragonflies: Make a dragonfly suncatcher/ornament using foil method of stained glass. These dragonflies are a great way to share family heirloom sterling silver because the body of the dragonfly is fashioned from a fork!

Class 02:

  • Attaching glass to frames
  • Creating loops for hanging

Class 03:

  • Embellishing your creation

Class 04:

  • Dragons! Learn how to work with cast body figures. We’ll assemble wings for a sitting dragon and learn how to attach them to the cast body.

Class 05:

  • Working with small patterns and small pieces of glass.
  • Choosing the best glass for a project with small pieces

Class 06:

  • How to safely attach wings to a cast body
  • General safety tips for working with cast body figures

Class 07:

  • Glass Boxes: Working in 3-D is what makes the foil method great! Learn how to build a glass box with a hinged lid.

Class 08:

  • Make functional tube and wire hinges
  • Learn how to design your own box

Class 09:

  • Tips and tricks for soldering a three-dimensional projects


  • BONUS CLASS: How to make a treasure box. Create a mirror bottomed box with a sealed lid to keep your most precious possessions safe
  • Learn how to prepare mirrored glass to prevent damage from chemicals while you work. See how to anchor your keepsake within the box. Learn how to prepare the box prior to attaching the top
  • BONUS CLASS: Make a treasure box from a bottle bottom. Using a cut off bottle we’ll add a hinged lid with an embellishment to create a fun and unique gift.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Advanced Stained Glass

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass Artists

Main objective:
Learn advanced techniques of foil method of stained glass.


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