Cement Your Creativity with Concrete Jewelry

with Nashlah Boyayan

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What you will learn:


Class 1: 

  • About the instructor
  • Showcase of possibilities
  • About concrete as an art medium
  • Different kinds of molds

Class 2:

  • Unconventional bases
  • Using recycled bottle bottoms and bottle caps
  • Colored concrete
  • Ideas for inclusions
  • Using packaging as molds
  • Textures and Carving

Class 3:

  • Embedding concrete within concrete
  • Variations and ideas
  • Finishing and assembling a necklace

Class 4:

  • Working with open frames
  • Painting without mixing

Class 5:

  • Concrete and Resin: organics and inclusions you never thought of
  • Resin inside concrete
  • Creating holes

Class 6

  • Concrete Embroidery - Basic embroidery
  • Concrete Embroidery Stumpwork Rose


  • Class 7: Creating your own molds so you can cast anything you want into cement
  • Class 8: How to use flat-ish items as your base for the concrete

What other students say about this course

Sonja Kassem

This is the class that started it all for me, and changed my life forever. I was a workaholic with no hobbies. Now I am so happy with three wonderful hobbies!!! Thank you for starting it all for me, Nash!!

Thank you for this class. It was a very interesting and inspiring discovery. And it was fun to watch and I'm sure it will be fun to create pieces with these techniques

Guest 139
Thank you so much Nash for this course. My Xmas present from hubby is sorted...will order course asap. Have to leave all you lovely folks and good luck with experiments.

Penny Piatt
I'm loving this class. You two work so well together. It's giving me lots of 'other' ideas.


About the online course on Concrete Jewelry Course

In this online course  we're going to cover ways to make jewelry with concrete! We'll cover how to incorporate recycled materials such as glass, how to re-purpose your cooking molds to create jewelry, how to color your concrete, inclusions, concrete embroidery, and more! Concrete is a wonderful, hard, neutral, unprecious material with a real presence. Your new creations are bound to make a statement!

Time table:
6 hours +

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced - Easy to understand no matter your level. We guarantee!

Target market:
Artists interested in making jewelry with cement/concrete

Main objective:
Learn how to make concrete jewelry.


Cement Your Creativity with Concrete Jewelry! Sneak Peek


About the instructor

Nashlah Boyayan

Nashlah Boyayan is the co-founder of Curious Mondo, a mother-daughter operated online training company for artists. Her mission is to help artists step into their power, and create!

For fun, Nashlah enjoys wildlife photography (Yellowstone is one of her favorite places) and making wearable art from concrete.

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