How to Weave on a Triangle Loom

How fun this class How to Weave on a Triangle Loom has been!

I really thought that weaving on a tri loom was easy and simple but found out there is a lot more options and a lot of things to learn. I thought the plain weave was the only option for this type of loom but I was really wrong on that.

Jenny Ferguson is so cute and so knowledgeable. Not only on triangle loom but all things fiber. She is a major spinner and an Alpaca farmer. We showed some of her Alpacas during the course.

The course on Triangle loom is a must for every fiber enthusiast.

It is getting a little colder out there so it is the perfect time to learn triangle loom weaving and start making awesome shawls. By the way there are many more things that can be created on the tri loom. Think that 2 triangles make a square and then the World is an oister.

Class on triangle loom weaving

tri-loom shawl

blocks on triangle loom

triangle loom tutorial weave shawl on triangle loom

Her husband makes triangle looms and we have two sizes to offer. 18″ and 3 feet. They are made of oak wood which is really strong. Click here to get your triangle loom


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