EP 21 – Figurative Sculpting with Wool – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Sculpting with wool, part of our sculpting series. Join us for a candid conversation with the needle felt doll artist Colleen Spies, today on our podcast, Creativity in Focus! Shahar Boyayan chats with Colleen about the art of figurative sculpting with wool, the business, the life of an artist and more!

A Bit About Felting

We talk about fibers, needle felting, wet felting and I show a few of my creations! Share the word about felting. It is so much fun!! 🙂

FELTING is an age-old craft. Perhaps developed in the Middle East, perhaps the Far East, it is a process that has evolved with local traditions wherever it was used. And it is still used today, by kids in kindergarten to nomads on the great plains of Asia living in felt yurts. The technique is basic, requires very little experience or tools, and “mistakes” may well lead to interesting results.