“When you’re working in rock mainly silica, make sure you have a good mask. I have a better one at home, but it’s gonna, it would be hard to talk through it. So I’m hoping this one’s better because at some point in this carving course, I’m going to be using this Silicon carbide wheel, which is not good to breathe in. It’ll silicate, your lungs you’ll get silicosis or whatever. It’s just really, really bad to breathe in. Pretty much any dust from lapidary is bad debris then. So if at any point you’re hafting to work at dry, which you shouldn’t really, unless it’s part of my policy. For pre polish, but mainly you work in water. So if you’re working in water and you keeping it wet,
or you’re working with, with a, extended fluid, which is a Silicon based fluid that keeps the diamond on your bits. You’re not going to have to worry
about a mask as much.”

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