“I’m trying to stick the, noodle to the body of the dragonfly so that it won’t move anymore. And, now I’m going to place this all around the wing, and I’m going to use this tool, to make sure the noodle is straight and just flows nicely. To make sure that your noodle won’t go out of the wing because they tend to do that. If you push it too much, it will just stay in the air. And that’s not good because, it’s not very stable there, which is why you’ll see that. I always try to, I will always secure, not secure, but, adjust the, the new on both sides. So both from the interior of the wing and then from the exterior to make sure that, it’s exactly on the line of the wing. So I have some extra clay there, which I’m going to cut and now I’m going to continue doing the same thing with all the wings. once you’re happy with your, contour, just push it a bit onto the clay so that it sticks to it. and then you’re good to go.

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