When behavior changes the only option for the market and business owners is to adapt. There is no coming back. Our behavior in the way we consumer information, media and knowledge is changing despite our age.

Millennials are driving this change and here are some facts:

Advertisers looking to target Millennials – and that includes just about everyone these days – take note: Live TV is not the place to find them.

Anecdotally, this has long appeared to be true. Ratings for the adults 18-34 demo have been on the decline for some time, and a quick look around a college campus tells you that young people these days are glued to their mobile screens.

A new report confirms this digital tipping point. Millennials spend more time with digital now than they do watching live TV, according to a cross-platform study by comScore.

But what’s perhaps just as interesting is that not only have Millennials transitioned fully to digital, but the older Generation X is poised to join them.

“There’s a clear trend showing that as demographic segments get younger, those consumers are more likely to spend time on their mobile device and less likely to spend time watching live TV,” notes the report.

“It’s possible that digital share of time spent among 35-54 year-olds might also soon surpass live TV.”

The study finds that among total digital and TV time, Millennials devote 40 percent of their time to mobile and 14 percent to desktop web usage.


That leaves just under 50 percent for live TV, and it’s a number comScore anticipates will fall quickly, based on its crossplatform measurement for fourth quarter of last year.

Interestingly, 35-54s weren’t too far behind in digital usage. Though they tend more toward desktop (21 percent) than Millennials, they total 43 percent of time with digital and 57 percent with live TV.

That’s in contrast to Boomers over 55, who spend 70 percent of time with live TV.

Overall, the generations do share one thing in common – an increasing dependence on smartphones. Usage is up 78 percent since 2013.

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millennials watching tv

millennials watching tv

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