Sewing the Base Fabric for a Look Alike Puppet with Barry Gordemer

Learn how to create unforgettable faces that burst with expression and life. Creating Look-Alike Puppets Learn to make puppets that look like people you know. You’ll learn techniques for identifying and creating the shapes make up an individual’s facial features. Then you’ll learn how to reproduce those shapes three dimensionally in foam rubber and fabric. Understand the differences between a likeness and a caricature.

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Placing the Sockets for Look Alike Puppets with Barry Gordemer

“There. So I’ve got an iPad pattern here, and I think this is going to be too big for George’s eyes, but I think it’s going to be perfect for doing the eye sockets, which should be a little bigger than the eye. There’s the center line. It looks like a man for back. When yeah. Yeah. A creepy, creepy Sheriff that here and there. But again, here, I’m really trying to keep that narrow, Clooney head and I was worded and I put it up here and then the top of the head would start to get a little bulbous compared it probably would have been okay in retrospect looking at it now, but I thought, ah, let me go ahead and trim it and see where that happens. So we’ve got the eyes in there. They’re roughly straight enough. And so I’m going to mark a line about halfway through there, and then we’re going to poke through here with our scissors and snip the front half of the foam all the way through that’s where the big sitters kind of help it’s back there.”

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Creating the Lips for a Look Alike Puppet with Barry Gordemer

“And we’re just going to do a little piece, right about in the front there. This is a quarter-inch cable cord. And it doesn’t really matter if it’s nylon or something like that. It tends to really frame the stuff around the edges once you cut it. So I go in there with a little bit of hot glue and stop the firing and I get my fingers in a little water to avoid the pain. And then we can just go roll that around. Nice and neatly there. So a lip that will go right about there. That’s a little big, I think I’ll just get to take a little off the side there. It doesn’t need to be very big. So I, use rope for creating thing, little accents, like lips and, wrinkles. If I want to do it like a wrinkly forehead on something rope works really great for that.”

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