I’m going to put a little bit glue down, trying to get it as flush to the face as you can. So what I mean by that is it’s not bubbling up off your face. You just want a really thin layer. This is where that nozzle comes in useful, and you take your nippers. Let’s see if I can get this up here to take your nippers, find your edge, and then just cut off some of that for. So with fur, so you don’t have to cut a ton. I cut a little bit more than I normally do. I usually cut about this much, just so I have a little bit to work with. If you have a straight edge, great. If you don’t cut a straight edge and you can feather it too, if any of you have done Cedar makeup or anything like that, what I mean by feathering is you’re going to put your thumb. You’re going to slide it back a little bit. So what it’s doing to the fur is it’s taking this top layer and it’s scooting it back, but the bottom layer is still on this finger. And so it’s staying forward. So now I have a little bit of variation in where my foot is going to end up. So it’s not a straight blunt line. It’s more feathered.

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