Beginning Gourd Carving

with Ken Poole

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • About the instructor

  • About gourd carving

  • Choosing the right gourd to carve

Class 2:

  • Materials needed

  • Safety precautions

  • Cleaning your gourd

Class 3:

  • Sanding your gourd


Class 4:

  • Using a pattern

Class 5:

  • Woodburning

Class 6

  • Carving


Class 4:

  • Painting your design

Class 5:

  • Sealing your gourd

Class 6

  • Finishing touches


About the course

This course will show you how to create works of art with gourds! There are many shapes and sizes, with what you learn in the course you will be able to express yourself in an art form that has been around for thousands of years! This is an introduction to the basics of gourd carving. Here you will learn how to carve a Rainbow Trout.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:

Curious Mondo: Beginning Gourd Carving

Time table:
9 hours


Target market:
Folks who want to learn a new hobby, wood carvers, gourd carvers, pyrographers.

Main objective:
Learn how to carve beautiful designs on gourds.


Beginning Gourd Carving Sneak Peak

What Students are Saying:

Theresa Luchsinger

I participated in Ken Poole's beginning Gourd Carving classes, I have to tell you how informative, enjoyable, this 9 part class was! Thank-you Ken for a great course; I really enjoyed this and walked away with allot of new knowledge.I will definitely be following your work and hope to participate in more of your classes. Again, thank-you for an excellent course!

Diane Gibbons

Been in the Live Gourd carving class instructed by Ken Poole and it is excellent. Can't wait to see the bonus material from the purchased instructions. It will detail the basket weave carving technique. This class is full of tips and great technique instructions. Thank you Ken for an excellent class

Student 552:

This course is over-the-top AWESOME!! Ken is so inspiring and humble, love his motivation to a newbie and the knowledge he shares is GREAT


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Ken Poole


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