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"Anne on the Beach" Polymer Clay Sculpture

with Soluz Escultura

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PLEASE NOTE: This course is in Spanish, with subtitles available.

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What you will learn:


Class 1: 

  • Simplified Anatomy: in this class I will show you the easiest way to understand the general shapes of the body, body types and differences, we will work the canon or measure to apply to our sculpture.

Class 2: 

  • Materials and Face Modeling: I present to you the materials that we will be using, when decorating the base of Anne's sculpture, feel free. We begin to model the smiling face.

Class 3: 

  • Structure and Modeling of Legs: we use the template to make the structure, we start with the loading of material and we give it a dynamic pose. We model the legs taking into account the ension of the position.

Class 4:  

  • Foot Modeling: we will see in detail how to model a foot, respecting each volume and depression that is formed according to the position.

Class 5:

  • Torso modeling: in this class we will see how to add adequate volumes according to the shape of Anne's body, we make skin and bust folds.

Class 6: 

  • Swing, Swimsuit and Neck: we prepare the rubber where Anne swings, we model her clothes generating certain wrinkles and join her head to her body.

Class 7:  

  • Modeling of Arms and Hands: we finish the modeling of the swing and correctly join both structures. We model arms and hands.

Class 8: 

  • Hairstyle: in this class we give movement to the hair according to the position of the body, we add a sorpote structure and we decorate her hairstyle.

Class 9:  

  • We finish the sculpture: we model succulents to decorate the wooden base, we see how to bake and protect the figure and we will color it using acrylics and a brush to give a realistic finish.


  • Templates, Material list
How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose

About the course

Join us as we welcome Soluz Escultura to teach us how to model "Anne on the Beach" in polymer clay! She will walk us through understanding the female anatomy from a sculptors perspective as well as cover proportion and pose, and help us to find dynamism in a simple and practical way to achieve this beautiful project. Come see how to bring this beautiful character with so much intricate detail to life!

PLEASE NOTE: This course is in Spanish, with subtitles available.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Anne on the Beach Sculpture

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Sculptors, art dolls artists, anyone who loves sculpting or want to start a new hobby or career.

Main objective:
Learn how to sculpt Anne on the Beach in polymer clay



About the instructor

Soluz Escultura

Soluz Escultura is a Venezuelan artist who has lived in Argentina for 12 years. She was always surrounded by art, music, theater, puppetry, dance, but character creation was what captured her heart.

More than 15 years ago she started in the world of modeling, discovering different materials, experimenting and studying, creating people of different styles, finding pleasure in variety.

She currently dedicates herself to teaching sculpture from the figurative and the fantastic, she always tells her students: "Everyone can learn and dedicate themselves to what they love, that's why we undertake together and grow hand in hand"
She works with various materials, but her favorites are polymer clay and plasticera.

She loves succulents, spending Sundays in the park, and lives with her twin daughters.

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