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How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose

How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose

with Tjarda van der Dussen

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What you will learn:


Class 1: 

  • We start by making what will be the core of our red rose. and begin to assemble the petals to go around the core.

Class 2: 

  • In this hour we will start the leaves of our flower. We will cover how to mix wool to get a unique color and then shape and add vein detailing to our leaves.

Class 3: 

  • We add wire to our felted leaves so they can later be attached to the main stem of the flower and also create the Sepals for the flower. to finish this hour we will iron our flower pieces to give them a very flat effect.

Class 4:  

  • We start by cleaning up the edges of our flower pieces, add a bit more detailing then we start to attach our petals to the core of our rose.

Class 5:

  • In this class we start with the stem of the rose. We will be adding the wire to the rose, then the sepals of our flowers, leaves and then finish by wrapping the wire with our green wool.

Class 6: 

  • In this hour we will start the butterfly. We first shape the base of the butterfly wings using black wool. Once we have the correct shape we will begin to add our color to the wings.

Class 7:  

  • In this class we will keep working on the butterfly by adding more details to the wings and starting to work on the underside of the wings.

Class 8: 

  • We will further work on the details on the underside of the wings using our brown tones.

Class 9:  

  • We finish with our details on both wings. we will iron the pieces then move onto building the body of the butterfly and assembling it all together.


  • Sketch Patterns
  • Bonus class: Additional Rose
How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose
How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose
How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose

About the course

Join us as Tjarda van der Dussen demonstrates how to create these beautiful and elegant needle felted pieces! She will walk through each ornate detail from start to finish, the lifelike details for both the rose, including how to create the stem and leaves and the butterfly with its delicate wings, body and legs . Enhance your interior bouquet with these long-lasting and stunning pieces!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Needle Felted Rose

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Nature-lovers, Felt artists, Sewists, decorators, or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose


How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose
How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rose

About the instructor

Tjarda van der Dussen

My name is Tjarda van der Dussen. I am needle felt artist and I am working under the name 'Tjarda's Creations'. With my partner and our two kids, we are living in the Netherlands. I love needle felting and I am honoured to show my experience and knowledge via Curious Mondo. In the spring of 2016 I was introduced into needle felting. My first project was making a bird's nest for a seasonal table for my children. In the past I sometimes used small pieces of wool felt, which could not be made nicely round. Then I Googled and found the technique of needle felting. Over the years I learned this techique myself with the help of many Youtube videos and Facebook. This helped me to learn more and more advanced techniques and I acquired knowledge of other needle felters around the world. I have also done a three-day needle felt training from Kiyoshi Mino in Belgium. In recent years I have mainly made 3D animals and tried to make them as realistic as possible. At this moment I mainly reproduce flowers in needle felt in the most realistic way possible. I spend many hours and days working on the fine structures of the flowers, leaves and twigs.

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