Hi! I am Knit with Madison.

I first started crocheting when I was 5 years old and knitting at the age of 8. I remember crocheting clothes for all my Barbies and Knitting during recess in elementary. When my great-aunt, Auntie Joyce, taught me to knit, I was immediately hooked on all the things I could make and my natural ability to knit. From then on, I was constantly knitting and haven’t stopped. My favorite things to knit (right now, anyway) are sweaters, cowls, and shawls. One of my favorite things about knitting is creating unique clothing and being able to wear them at work. I love to teach others how to knit because I believe it is so powerful to pass on my knowledge and love for knitting. It is my great pleasure to pass on the knitting obsession I got from my aunt. Still, today, whenever I see Auntie Joyce, we pull out our knitting bags and compare projects while the rest of the family rolls their eyes because they know we can talk about knitting for hours.

My other hobbies include dying and spinning yarn. I love to say that I can make a sweater from the beginning of unprocessed fiber. I also love to cross-stitch, tie flies, and work on cars and garden.
I am outside when I am not knitting (although this is not a fair statement because I love to knit outside in my flower garden). I love to go fly fishing and hiking with my border collie, Fury. I always joke that my two favorite hobbies, knitting, and fly fishing, involve constantly untangling knots.

I live in Ogden, Utah, and work as a mental health therapist and see individuals, couples, and families. Mental health is a huge part of my life, and knitting is a big part of how I maintain my own mental health.


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