Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag for Beginners and Intermediate Levels

with Becca Dye

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • Learn what materials you will need.
  • Learn how to measure your cords (and how many) based on the size of bag you want.

Class 2:

  • Learn how to measure and tie up your cords to prepare for knot tying.
  • Begin the bag making process by repeating knots.

Class 3:

  • Learn when it's time to start tying the finishing knots.
  • Learn some basic knots you can use to create different patterns and styles on the front fold-over portion of your bag.

Class 4:

  • Finish the bag pattern, untie it, connect it all together, and trim the ends.

Class 5: 

  • Learn how to measure out the straps/handles for your bag.
  • Start knotting the straps.

Class 6:

  • Finish knotting the straps,
  • tie up the loose ends of your straps,
  • attach the straps to your bag,
  • and admire your work!


  • BONUS CLASS: Learn how to make a wristlet keychain with a swivel clasp. Perfect for attaching your keys, phone, and other charms you love for easy carrying. (Pictures are attached below)
  • BONUS CLASS: Learn how to make these gorgeous boho style, 2-tone macrame feathers. You can attach them to keychains, bags, wall hangings, plant hangers, rearview mirrors, etc. (Pictures are attached below)

  • Material's list
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag
Hippie-Boho Macramé Satchel Bag

About the course

This course doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of macramé or weaving to follow along! Using a couple of basic macramé knots, and simple weaving/sewing techniques, you can make your own stunning bag of any size and style that will become your new favorite wearable accessory!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Hippie-Boho Macramé

Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Textile and fiber artists

Main objective:
Make a stunning bag of any size and style in macrame


Becca Dye Curious Mondo Instructor

About the instructor

Becca Dye

I’m Becca Dye, I’m from Heber Utah and now live in Roosevelt, Utah (a very small town) on my husband’s cattle ranch. I have always loved all things creative. In college, I studied the fine arts andcreated a few charcoal drawings that were in an art show. Then I went on to study graphic design and graduated with a degree at USU. I have been a freelance graphic designer ever since, and love to try new crafts whenever possible!

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