Linked Bracelets

How to Make Linked Bracelets

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What you will learn


Class 1:

  • What is a linked Bracelet?
  • Talk about possibilities i.e., different links, stones, etc.
  • Talk about what we will learn in class
  • Talk about safety
  • Begin working on bracelet
  • Create bezels

Class 2:

  • How to measure bezel
  • How to square ends of bezel with miter jig
  • Solder bezels with hard solder
  • Check fit on stones
  • Begin making links
  • Hollow form link

Class 3:

  • Link with shadow box setting

Class 4:

  • Bezeled Link
  • Solder bezel onto sheet with medium solder
  • Using twisted, decorative, or braided wire

Class 5:

  • Adding shot or balls
  • Cutting around the design with shears or jeweler’s saw
  • Link with patterned metal and wire

Class 6:

  • Orbit link

Class 7:

  • Attaching Links

Class 8:

  • Clasps

Class 9:

  • Set stones


  • Bonus item: Materials list
  • Bonus class: How to make a 3D box clasp that clasps on to itself

About the course

Let’s Make Bracelets! Join me and learn how to make linked bracelets, from simple chain to more elaborate links that include bezel set and tube set stones!!! We will create all from sheet and wire and stones and learn to create a toggle and a box clasp as well. 

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Linked Bracelets

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Jewelry makers, anyone who loves silversmithing, jewelry making, or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to silversmith a linked bracelet.



About the instructor

Jan Harris Smith

Jan Harris Smith began working with metal in college and was hooked on making metal jewelry from Jan Harris Smith began working with metal in college and was hooked on making metal jewelry from the first class. She has since completed several college level classes and independent workshops in metal working on her path to becoming an artisan jeweler.

In 2005, Jan took her first class in glass fusion. She has completed several classes and workshops in glass and her primary focus in glass is the use of reactive art glass to create unique colors and reactions.

Jan’s education includes university-level fine art classes and numerous workshops taught by professionals in the silversmithing and glass field. She has also had her art published in magazines and books and won several awards for her work, over the years.

Teaching art has been her passion for over 20 years. She enjoys introducing students to working in art and engaging in the creative process. She has taught in various venues across the United States and Australia, including art retreats, art stores, and art schools.

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