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How to Make a Metal Clay Kinetic Fish

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • Intro and bio
  • Intro and project overview
  • Roll and form body, dry

Class 2:

  • Roll and form head
  • Roll and form eye
  • Sand and refine head and body

Class 3:

  • Attach head and body
  • Backfill gap between head and body
  • Attach eye and do surrounding coil

Class 4:

  • Quick review of previous day’s steps
  • Backfill lips
  • Do surrounding coil for side fin
  • Add eye details

Class 5: 

  • Finish side fin
  • Do coils for dorsal and ventral fin
  • Attach side fin

Class 6:

  • Do fill for dorsal fin, attach
  • Discuss design for tail fin
  • Do fill for ventral fin, attach

Class 7:

  • Quick review of previous day’s steps
  • Do coils for tail surround
  • Backfill dorsal and ventral fins where they attach to the body
  • Fill Tail

Class 8:

  • Add coil to body for tail attachment
  • Refine tail
  • Do all final backfills on body

Class 9:

  • Final sanding
  • Review firing schedule and how best to support piece
  • Finishing and adding of jump rigs and chain


  • Materials list
How to Make a Metal Clay Kinetic Fish
How to Make a Metal Clay Kinetic Fish

About the course

Join me as we explore the depths of our creativity below the waves. This advanced skills workshop will teach you how to make a fully finished, moving sea creature of your very own, using your favorite formula of metal clay. We will design and construct our pieces using the wet/dry method, using multiple textures, coil embellishments and our own imaginations. Dive deep and join us on an adventure!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Metal Clay Kinetic Fish

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Jewelry makers, people interested in precious metal clay

Main objective:
Learn how to create a piece of kinetic jewelry in metal clay


Michael J. Marx Curious Mondo Instructor

About the instructor

Michael J. Marx / Unsane Art

I have been a sculptor and artist as long as I can remember. My childhood gifts were art supplies as often as they were toys or books. I was born in Massachusetts in 1969 and lived there for 18 years, before becoming a born-again Californian in 1987. I currently reside and work in Alameda, California where I have lived since 2000. In the beginning, I sculpted in FIMO, a polymer clay, and this honed my ability to transform my visions into 3-D images. In 2000, I took my first PMC (precious metal clay) class and was hooked. PMC’s affinity for texture, flexibility of form, and choices of finishing techniques make it ideal for me as an artist. The combinations of fine detail, high texture and varied forms are not easily achieved using traditional methods of casting and fabrication. While my main focus is making wearable sculpture, I also work in mixed-media.

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