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Fused Glass Curves... Curves... Curves with Petra Kaiser
Fused Glass Curves... Curves... Curves with Petra Kaiser
Fused Glass Curves... Curves... Curves with Petra Kaiser

Fused Glass Curves... Curves... Curves!

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • An introduction to the tools and materials for this 3 day workshop. Cutting and cleaning the red circle for a kinetic arch piece.

Class 2:

  • How to freehand cut circles in glass and how to make a fast pendant. Getting ready to fire your pieces and assembling your arch wrapping rod.

Class 3:

  • Cutting more circles and working with luminescent glass. Preparing your design elements, such as a frit lace disk and lacy spiral.

Class 4:

  • Introduction to KLB (Kaiser Lee Boards) with Petra. Get to know the molds and pattern pieces of this verstile system. Mold making. Learn how to make your own KLB mold.

Class 5:

  • A showcase of projects made with the KLB molds and a variety of table setting pieces. Get an introduction to single layer design and what pieces can go in the microwave and dishwasher. Learn about choosing colors and how color can influence food perception. Alternating KLB, making a truly unique mold for your work. How to make appetizer dishes, setting up the mold. Designing the glass for your appetizer dish.

Class 6:

  • Powder paint for your appetizer dish. Making cast feet and strip basket.

Class 7:

  • Learn how to make dishes and bowls. We begin with designing a dinner plate and then serving trays

Class 8:

  • Q+A, then learn how to make bowls as well as making cast feet and strip baskets.

Class 9:

  • Fused glass clock from scratch, Kinetic arch final assembly.


  • Bonus Class: Preparing Glass Strips
  • Bonus Class: Programming a 3 Button Controller
  • Companion e-Book
Fused Glass Curves... Curves... Curves with Petra Kaiser

About this course

For this online class I thought I would use circles and curves as a theme. Those of you who already know me, know that I am all about design and shape.

Design is all about lines and curves. Of course we will use lines, but our main focus will be on curves. I will demonstrate how to cut circles, with the circle cutter and without, how to cast circles without any kiln molds, and how to use those circles in all kinds of decorative configurations.

We will be making frit/lace designs, a kinetic sculpture, a whole set of dishes and bowls as well as an all glass display stand and a deep drop vase with a cast glass disc. I’ll show you how to add color to your glass and create your own pattern designs and my new way of adding my signature to each piece.

Part of the class is a lesson on programming the kiln with our famous all in one fast fuse and slump firing. We are also including several set up options to use your KLB in all kinds of interesting ways.

And yes, we will be using Kaiser Lee Board, a fiber board that lasts endless firings and can be cut carved and shaped with very little effort. KLB does not absorb heat and has minimal expansion and contraction during firing therefore you can fire over and into it. Anytime you cut a piece of KLB, you don’t just create a mold, you are creating a mold system. Like I showed many times before, I will do it again. This time with one of our most popular systems, the “disco” set up. But of course, what we do with the circular mold can easily be translated into any shape.


Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Glass Curves

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass Artists

Main objective:
How to create amazing curves in glass sculpture



About the instructor

Petra Kaiser

Petra Kaiser is an internationally renowned artist and instructor in the art of kiln-formed glass. Since she added the art of glass fusing to her education in 1997, she has accumulated quite a list of accomplishments. As an author, she has published her innovative ideas in three books with Wardell Publication and numerous articles in various international glass magazines and ebooks. As an artist, Petra has developed a distinctive style – capturing the Florida sun, light and water in sculptures, functional glassware and wearable designs. As an art lover, Petra is always drawn to 3-D sculptures and abstract shapes. When she was first introduced to glass fusing, she found the shape-giving options rather limiting. So it seemed only natural that she and her husband, Wolfgang, "found" Kaiser-Lee-Board. As a people lover, Petra always loved to teach – she even has a degree in it. In her professionally equipped “Fuse It Studio,” she experiments with cutting- edge techniques and designs and often enough comes up with yet another exciting fused and kiln-formed glass project to teach her students. Besides teaching all over the world, she is a regular at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo and was part of the Curious Mondo Glass Symposium 2020.

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