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Fused Glass Flowers: Bowls, Sun Catchers, and Table Art

with Ilene Barnett

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What you will learn:


Class 1: Sunflower Bowl

  • Finding the right mold, deciding on dimensions
  • Deciding on color / glass
  • Making the pattern
  • Cutting the glass

Class 2:

  • Grinding and cleaning techniques
  • Painting on glass: creating the center of the sunflower 

Class 3:

  • Making your own frit with scraps and mosaic nippers
  • Firing schedule tips for textural pieces

Class 4: Flower sun catchers

  •  Making the pattern
  • Cutting the glass base, frame, and hangers

Class 5:

  • .Creating the glass flower

Class 6:

  • Create embellishments

  • Firing schedule tips 


Class 7: Whimsical flower table art

  •  Making the patterns

Class 8:

  •  Cutting the glass, design variations

Class 9:

  • Affixing the fired piece to the copper rod

  • Painting the wood base to enhance the glass 


Fused Glass Flowers: Bowls, Sun Catchers, and Table Art
Fused Glass Flowers: Bowls, Sun Catchers, and Table Art
Fused Glass Flowers: Bowls, Sun Catchers, and Table Art

About the course

In this class Ilene will show how to create all these beautiful items! She will use her patterns (which are included in the course), or show ways to use your own patterns. These range from a gorgeous, functional, and food safe sunflower bowl, various flower and color options, how to create a textural sun catcher with its own built-in hangers, and even some cute and whimsical table art flowers. We’ll even show you how to affix your table art creations to readily available wooden bases, and how to enhance the bases to best show off your art work. You will learn how fun and easy it is to create several types of art pieces!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Fused Glass Flowers

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:Glass artists, fused glass artists, anyone who loves glass, playing with a kiln, or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:

Learn How to make fused glass flowers





About the instructor

Ilene Jill Barnett

I have been working in glass since 2006 when I created my first stained glass panel and became completely enamored of the material and process. Continuing my explorations in glass and desiring more freedom in design, I quickly moved on to kiln-forming, also known as fused glass or warm glass. I enjoy working with the myriad choices of color, transparency, and texture to create my unique and cheerful pieces. There is a partnership between myself, the glass, and the kiln in order to achieve the final result of a colorful, textural, and luminous piece that can be enjoyed every day.

My goal for each piece is that it evoke a sense of joy, whimsy, and wonder in the viewer, feeling that the glass itself is the perfect medium to convey this lightness of spirit. With this goal in mind, I have used the process of kiln-forming to create my colorful and whimsical art and décor pieces. Taking inspiration from nature and from the qualities of the glass itself, I enjoy fabricating pieces that are rich in color and texture. I make functional items such as ring dishes, centerpieces, platters and bowls, and holiday décor, as well as sun catchers, sculptures, and wall art. I’ve been represented by several galleries, including the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art gift shop. I also sell my items at local craft fairs.


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