Work From Home Making Cold Process Soap Bars

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Come learn how to make Cold process soap bars! It is a fun and creative process that will relax you and make you happy. With a profit of over 400% you can turn this into a small side hustle or a full blown business. People love unique soap bars and rather use them than a commercial soap bar with unknown chemicals.

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What You Will Learn

“Work from Home Making Cold Process Soap Bars”

Unlock the secrets to creating beautiful, all-natural, handcrafted soap bars with this comprehensive 11-video class course. Designed for creative souls seeking a fun and profitable side hustle, this course will teach you everything you need to know about soap-making, from choosing the perfect ingredients to crafting stunning designs and fragrances.

Course Breakdown:

Soap Pricing: Learn how to price your handmade soap for profit without sacrificing quality.
Basic Recipe: Master the fundamentals of cold process soap-making with our beginner-friendly recipe.
Oils & Fragrances: Discover the best oils and fragrances to create luxurious, aromatic soap bars.
Oils for Soap Making: Understand the properties of various oils and their impact on your soap’s texture and lather.
Colorants: Explore different colorants to achieve vibrant, eye-catching soap designs.
Supplies: Get a comprehensive list of essential soap-making supplies and equipment.
Tracing Process: Learn about the crucial tracing process to ensure your soap sets properly.
Cupcake Soap: Create adorable cupcake-shaped soap bars that make perfect gifts or eye-catching additions to your product line.
Photos: Dive into the importance of capturing stunning photos to showcase your soap creations.
Chat Transcript: Access a transcript of insightful conversations and questions from fellow soap-makers.
Bonus Class – Soap Pricing: Gain even more insights into pricing your soap for success.
Plus, enjoy these exclusive bonus materials:

Bonus: Lye – A complete guide to working safely with lye in soap-making.
Bonus: Crockpot – Discover the benefits of using a crockpot for hot process soap-making.
Bonus: Troubleshooting – Learn how to overcome common challenges and fix mistakes in soap-making.
Bonus: Three-Color Soap – Create stunning, multi-colored soap bars with this advanced technique.
Bonus: Storage – Keep your soap fresh and well-preserved with proper storage techniques.
Bonus: Packing 1 & 2 – Elevate your soap presentation with professional packaging tips and tricks.
Bonus: Mixing the Recipe – Master the art of blending oils, fragrances, and colorants for the perfect soap recipe.

Enroll in the “Work from Home Making Cold Process Soap Bars” course today and start your journey toward financial freedom and creative fulfillment!


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