Sculpting Whimsical Figurines in Polymer Clay

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Come join the fun as we learn how to make a variety of whimsical holiday-themed figurines in polymer clay! Instructor Helen Dorn will show you how to make the most adorable creations to keep for yourself, gift to friends and family, or even sell.


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What You Will Learn

Class 01 – HALLOWEEN:

  • About Helen
  • Material needed and tools
  • Polymer Clay 101 (explaining shapes, conditioning clay, basic tools, mixing colors, baking, storage, work surfaces)
  • Will make Tummy/Bummy/Mummy – how to texture mummy’s bandages, using wooden dowels for legs
  • how to make a face on the jack o’lantern and
  • how to make his Frankenstein pail with a wire handle.
  • Plus, how to make whimsical feet and stinky toes!!

Class 02:

  • Finishing the mummy
  • Start the witch set which includes the witch, her broom, mouse, cauldron and mouse.

Class 03:

  • Using a garlic press to press out the broom’s brush
  • using a real twig for the handle
  • making a dress from a sheet of clay
  • styling her hair and making her magical hat


  • Start with Mr. Pilgrim (how to make him on his mound, his axe and pumpkin).

Class 05:

  • Mrs. Pilgrim will be next – (how to make her and her apron and bonnet, hat, turkey, sunflower and mound).

Class 06:

  • Will finish Mrs. Pilgrim and work on turkey with pie (how to work with feathers, how to make a pumpkin pie and his silly legs)

Class 07 – CHRISTMAS:

  • Starting the elf
  • How to make a candy cane and stripes for his stockings
  • How to make his teddy bear, his traditional outfit and shoes.

Class 08:

  • Will finish the elf and make a stacked style Christmas tree and gift and make a sitting reindeer (Rudolph, more than likely) and start Santa.

Class 09:

  • Will finish Santa in his traditional suit.


  • BONUS CLASS: A jack o’lantern pin/magnet with glow in the dark teeth
  • BONUS CLASS: A silly frog wearing a witch hat figurine
  • BONUS CLASS: A sprawled out elephant figurine holding a tiny pumpkin on its trunk
  • BONUS CLASS: Gingerbread figurine
  • Supplies list

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Whimsical Figurines

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Sculptors, clay artists, polymer clay afficcionados

Main objective:
Learn how to sculpt whimsical figurines in polymer clay.



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1 review for Sculpting Whimsical Figurines in Polymer Clay

  1. Marlene Daniels (verified owner)

    OMG I just purchased sculpting whimsical figurines. It is the best tutorial ever.Helen is so precise in her directions and the camera views are wonderful. So happy I found this.
    Thank You

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