Sculpting a Polymer Clay Frog in a Pond

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Ever wondered how polymer artist Melissa Terlizzi sculpts her whimsical frogs and toads? Here is your opportunity to find out, as she shares with Mondo Makers all the techniques and tricks to making a big green bullfrog! In this 3 Day sculpting course, Melissa will not only demonstrate how to make the frog, but will also create a raised pond for it to sit in, elevating a simple “sculpt” into a story-telling piece of art. With swamp-tastic bonus classes also planned, this course is a must for anyone who loves creating animals out of polymer clay, and enjoys getting carried away with color and detail. Great course on polymer clay

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What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • Intro and bio
  • Overview of what class will cover
  • Materials & Tools
  • Create Foil Armature
  • Mix clay and wrap frog
  • Create gold eyes

Class 2:

  • Finish eye details
  • Add details to frog’s back
  • Add frog throat and belly

Class 3:

  • Create frog arms, legs, hands and feet

Class 4:

  • Decorate frog with spots
  • Smooth clay
  • Bake

Class 5:

  • Crack repair
  • Paint frog

Class 6:

  • Paint frog, continued

Class 7:

  • Create frog pond & bake
  • Make/Bake leaf & duckweed decorations

Class 8:

  • Paint leaves
  • Decorate frog pond with grasses, lily pads, etc.

Class 9:

  • Mix and pour resin
  • Coat Frog with resin
  • Final thoughts/summary


BONUS CLASS: Striped grass blade cane and water iris flower cane
BONUS CLASS: How to photograph your frog creation outdoors in nature
BONUS ITEM: Materials list
BONUS ITEM: Chat transcript


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