Round Necklaces in Polymer Clay

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Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Polymer clay is such a versatile medium it open doors to many projects. With the help of artist Shahar Boyayan you will learn several techniques to create beautiful polymer clay necklaces. Even if you have never tried polymer clay, you will be able to create beautiful pieces.

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What You Will Learn

This course will cover over 10 different techniques that you will master and later modify to create more pendants. This course on Round Necklaces in Polymer Clay brings something to all levels of students. No special tools required other than some polymer clay and a pasta machine. We will also be using cookie cutters and some alcohol paint.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Round Necklaces in Polymer Clay

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate
People looking for a new hobby, Artists, Creative folks and Polymer Clay Artists

Main objective:
Learn how to make beautiful necklaces in polymer clay.


Class 1:

  • About the instructor
  • Types & Tools
  • A little about polymer clay – fun, art, profit
  • Showcase pieces
  • Prep lace, lamp with contrasting color

Class 2:

  • Marbling technique – twisted colors necklace
  • Marbled leather technique
  • Hollow rounds technique

Class 3:

  • Skinner blend techniqueikat openikat cane

Class 4:

  • Necklace with stickers and liquid polymer
  • Prep lamp for lace, prep lamp for halves Wired Slips

Class 5:

  • Stitched halves
  • Sugar lace technique
  • Variation in texture and mica

Class 6

  • Multi-colored rounds
  • Cane bead – Carimbo and powder – cane on top

Class 7:

  • Filigree flowers- with beads and mica

Class 8:

  • Cracked with alcohol ink
  • Variation with metal leaf

Class 9:

  • Barik necklace
  • Alcohol ink with transparent clay, peel off clay


Bonus class: Combed effect technique

Bonus item: Mold for zipper heart necklace


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