Polymer Clay Symposium 2021

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Polymer Clay Symposium is a yearly online event bringing Polymer clay artists together to show you the latest techniques in Polymer clay.

Our goal:
• To inspire people on all things Polymer clay
• To educate people on different techniques and new trends
• To discuss the industry, products, and changes

Lifetime Access, Anywhere, Anytime

In-Depth Instructions

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What You Will Learn

Take your polymer clay skills to the next level! Have fun and win. Over 28 online workshops with the most amazing polymer clay artists from several countries.


  • Barbara McGuire
    Blossoming Star Special Effects Mandala Polymer Brooch
  • Debbie Maier Jacknin
    How to Decorate a Wine Glass or Vase
  • Mihaela Georgescu
    Faux Soutache Neck Piece
  • Barbara Felts
    Creating Wings
  • Allison Cohade
    Contemporary Ribbon Jewellery
  • Chris Hellström
    Coil Connectors and Wing-Beads
  • Dimitra Kalinderis
    Polymer Clay Patchwork Bag
  • Helen Terlalis Dorn
    How to Make a Whimsical Lavender Girl
  • Pascale Bigot
    Art Nouveau Mirror
  • Kleio Tsaliki
    Faux Yosegi Wood Technique
  • Sally Van Wyk
    Creating a Polymer Clay Picture
  • Amy Hucks
    Little Friend
  • Sherrie Nielson
    Purple People Eater
  • Konstantinos Karalis
    Light Up Your City!!
  • Beatriz Cominato
    Pendant with Colored Metallic Texture and Resin Finish
  • Brenda Helfrich
    Tipsy Lady
  • Katie Oskin
    Learn to Make Your Own Face Vase
  • Marlene Gremillion
    Designing Self Supporting Decorative Containers
  • Kathy Davis
    Polymer Clay and Needle Felted Ducks
  • Paula Epperly
    Making a Paper Mache Music Box
  • Apryl Jensen
    Wintertime Toddler
  • Amy Marks
    Making Your Own Mosaic Tiles with Polymer Clay
  • Moulya Reddy
    Sparkly Ocean Scene
  • Kieran Quinn
    Lip-Sync Animation with Polymer Clay
  • Samantha Burroughs
    Copper Skies Polymer Clay Necklace
  • Veronika Olivier
    Dimentional Mixed Media
  • Sharon House
    Magical Munchkin Magnets/Pinbacks
  • Dina Sharawy
    Beautiful Polymer Clay Decoration on a Mug
  • Melissa Terlizzi
    Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet
  • Denise Fitzsimmons
    Mixed Media Silk Sari Beads
  • Delaney Drake
    Dreamcatcher Journal Cover
  • Angela Thompson
    Pouring Polymer, Liquid Polymer Clay Art

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