Moravian Stars – Advanced Stained Glass Course


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Moravian stars are a centuries-old design for paper lanterns that have become beautiful glass ornaments and light fixtures. We’ll use the foil method (also known as Tiffany style) of stained glass to construct a variety of Moravian stars – different sizes, shapes and configurations – that can be used for ornaments, sun catchers, and even light fixtures. Brush up on your geometry, we’ll be working with polyhedrons to make art!! Such a fun stained glass course

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About the instructor
  • Supplies needed
  • Star Ornament and North Star
  • Discuss the history or Moravian Stars

Class 02:

  • Discuss different methods of cutting multiple identical pieces of glass
  • Learn tips and tricks for assembling 3-D glass pieces

Class 03:

  • Using different types of jigs to assist assembly
  • Using graph paper to customize your star – fun with geometry!

Class 04:

  • Six-Pointed Star and Introducing Polyhedrons
  • Adding variations to your custom designs

Class 05:

  • Solving design problems that occur with custom designs
  • Adding embellishments to your star

Class 06:

  • Introducing Polyhedrons – lots more fun with geometry
  • Testing your polyhedrons with paper

Class 07:

  • Moravian Star Lamp made with Polyhedrons
  • Choosing the best glass for your lamp
  • Planning for lighting and hanging your lamp

Class 08:

  • Soldering and assembling the components
  • Using templates and tape to assist construction
  • Reinforcing a heavy project with wire

Class 09:

  • sing wire to help fill gaps before soldering
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Adding lighting – faerie lights or a light bulb


  • BONUS CLASS: Star Bevel Spinner

Spinners are fun wind catchers that catch and reflect the light and make a great gift and ornament to hang on a patio or deck. Learn how to create custom colored bevels using low temperature curing glass paints. Practice your 3-D assembly using foam blocks and other jigs. Attach embellishments to add sparkle and beauty to your spinner.

  • 3-D “NORTH STAR Pattern
  • 3-D STAR ORNAMENT Pattern
  • SIX POINTED 3-D STAR Pattern
  • Supplies List

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Moravian Stars

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass Artists

Main objective:
Learn advanced techniques of foil method of stained glass whilst making beautiful Moravian stars.



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