Magic Creations with Pom Poms

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Pom-poms are an awesome activity to do with kids but they can also become amazing wool art pieces! Pom pom pieces are easy, fast and relaxing to make. This course is a great opportunity for those just starting with wool art. So much can be done with these techniques, even decorating a baby room! Learn how to make pom-pom art! You will learn over 12 pieces to make!

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What You Will Learn

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Arts & Crafts | Curious Mondo: Magic Creations with Pom Poms

Time table:
10 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced- Something for everyone!

Target market:
People that love wool, people interested in learning an addicting hobby, Fiber Artists

Main objective:
Learn how to make amazing Pom Pom art pieces.


What you will learn:

Pom-pom Art Basics
Class 1:

  • Types of wool
  • Different ways to create pom poms
  • Two colors pom poms

Class 2:

  • Best cutting techniques
  • Flower pom poms

Class 3:

  • Strawberry pom poms
  • Watermelon pom poms
  • Kiwi pom poms
  • Making Pom-Poms

Class 4:

  • Easter Egg
  • Houses

Class 5:

  • Fork Flower
  • Yellow Flower Arrangement

Class 6

  • Clouds Mobile
  • Pom-Pom Art

Class 7

  • Bunny in the vase pom pom
  • Bunnies pom poms

Class 8

  • Mouse with scarf pom pom
  • 2 chicks pom poms

Class 9:

  • Sheep pom poms
  • Table Runner pom poms

BONUS Classes!

  • Sculpted Fox Pom Pom Class
  • Sculpted Hedgehog
  • Patterns used during the classes

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