Let’s Play With Ceramic Clay: Making Coil Pots


Are you looking for a way to let your creativity soar? Then you’ll love this class on making coil pots. This course will guide you through the basics of hand-building unique pieces using ceramic clay coils (rolling a rope with a lump of clay). With very few tools (no pottery wheel!), we will start off making a beautiful all-purpose bowl that will amaze your friends. Then we’ll use the same coil process to make a stunning vase. You’ll love the next two projects where we make one-of-a-kind bowls showing the various coil shapes.

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We will learn the coil methods used by the southwestern native Americans to make large pots. Two bonus classes include making amazing textured layered clay vessels with added glazing techniques. This incredible course is perfect for ceramic clay enthusiasts of all levels. The detailed instruction will have you creating clay pots that are guaranteed to impress and could turn a hobby into extra income. I look forward to having you join me!

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