How to Weave on a Triangle Loom

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Weaving on a triangle loom or triloom is fun, creative, easy and quick. You can start weaving as soon as you sit down with the loom, there is no elaborate planning and measuring process. Triloom weaving is also a very efficient way to use yarn, so you can use the more expensive designer, or hand-spun yarns. Triangle looms are great for weaving plaid patterns and elegant lace patterns. The process is simple to learn, so triangle weaving is enjoyable for adults and children of any age.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About the instructor
  • All about triangle loom
  • Sizes
  • Colapsibles
  • Spacing
  • Types projects

Class 02:

  • Materials needed
  • How to select the right yarn
  • Color and plaiding
  • Planning from the center out
  • Determining yardage

Class 03:

  • Continuous strand weaving
  • Changing colors

Class 04:

  • Fixing mistakes
  • Finishing
  • Salvage edge

Class 05:

  • Fringe or weaving on loose strands
  • Stabilizing edges
  • Seaming

Class 06:

  • How to do three different kinds of seams
  • How to build a square

Class 07:

  • Washing and fulling
  • Cut strand weaving

Class 08:

  • Reading/adapting patterns for triangle looms
  • Textural weaves
  • Twils

Class 09:

  • Corduroy, Seed stitch
  • Selecting yarns for texture
  • Project ideas: poncho, purses, seam shawls and blankets


  • Surface Embellishments

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: How to Weave on a Triangle Loom

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Fiber artists, anyone who loves weaving or wants to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to weave on a triangle loom.



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