How to Sculpt with Fiber Clay

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In this Fiber Clay Sculpting Class, you’ll learn to make a bird out of Fiber Clay, an easy to use medium that doesn’t have to be fired. I use only four shapes, a ball, snake, potato, and pancake, to teach you to create sculptures you’ll be amazed you built. You’ll learn to put together simple armatures using all kinds of materials to use as the foundation of your piece. You’ll even learn how to finish your piece to make it look like a bronze!

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What You Will Learn

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Curious Mondo: Sculpt with Fiber Clay

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Sculptors, anyone who loves sculpting, playing with a fibers, or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to sculpt with fiber clay.


Class 1:

  • Materials and tools

Class 2:

  • Using rebar as an armature and adding texture

Class 3:

  • Adding details, i.e. textured wings and feathers

Class 4:

  • Crack repair after drying
  • Adding tail feathers
  • Finishing sculping touches

Class 5:

  • Using Powertex to seal, harden and waterproof the piece.

Class 6:

  • Using alternative armatures to create a sculpture

Class 7:

  • Adding details and embellishments

Class 8:

  • Painting sculpture to look like a bronze

Class 9:

  • Alternative painting techniques
  • Alternative embellishment details
  • Alternative armatures


  • An overview of ideas as to what can be created out of fiber clay.

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