How to Make Stained Glass Picture Frames

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Learn how to make beautiful, keepsake stained glass picture frames using the foil (Tiffany) method of stained glass. We’ll be making two different frames by repurposing an existing picture frame. Learn a variety of tips and tricks for designing and making your own custom picture frame.


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What You Will Learn

“How to Make Stained Glass Picture Frames: Frame Your Memories in Style with Timeless Glass Art Techniques”

Capture your cherished memories in stunning stained glass picture frames with this comprehensive course designed for glass art enthusiasts of all levels. Learn to create exquisite picture frames that blend modern aesthetics with the timeless appeal of stained glass, and add a touch of elegance to your home or gift them to your loved ones.

Course Breakdown:

Introduction to Stained Glass Picture Frames: Familiarize yourself with the tools, techniques, and safety guidelines essential for creating stunning stained glass frames.
Design Concepts and Inspiration: Spark your creativity by exploring various design ideas and themes for your picture frames, from classic to contemporary styles.
Cutting and Shaping Glass: Develop your skills in cutting and shaping glass, creating the perfect pieces for your picture frame design.
Foiling and Soldering Techniques: Master the art of foiling and soldering glass pieces to create a strong and beautiful frame structure.
Assembly and Finishing Touches: Learn how to assemble your stained glass picture frame and apply the finishing touches that make it truly special.
Display and Presentation Ideas: Showcase your artistic achievements with innovative display options and presentation ideas tailored to your personal style.

  • Stained glass overlays
  • Twisted wire
  • Include organics, either as part of the design or adhered to the glass
  • How to treat organics so they aren’t damaged by flux and patina
  • How to add a wire hanger for wall hanging

Plus, enjoy exclusive bonus content to elevate your stained glass picture frame creations:

Bonus Class: How to Create a Mirror
Course Schedule
Honey Comb Template
Honey Bee Pattern
Honey Bee Frame 8×10
Honey Bee Frame 5×7
Beach Scene Pattern
Chat Transcript
With the “How to Make Stained Glass Picture Frames” course, you’ll unlock your potential to create one-of-a-kind picture frames that celebrate your memories in style. Perfect for artists looking to expand their skills or beginners seeking a new creative pursuit, this course offers a unique blend of technique and artistic inspiration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create stunning, personalized picture frames that will be treasured for years to come. Enroll in the “How to Make Stained Glass Picture Frames” course today and start framing your memories in glass!



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