How To Make Concrete Jewelry


My intent is to show a series of projects that will use concrete in conjunction with numerous other materials including but not limited to metals, plastics, found objects, cloth, and leather. Owing to the nature of concrete I will also cover a range of cold connections both traditional and some that I have developed, as well as setting gemstones, beads and metal clay in concrete.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Intro – Brief bio – teaching/history with concrete (and other materials)
  • Overview of 3 days
  • Mixing
  • Coloring – integral
  • Coloring – applied
  • Casting in molds – made (silicone, pc, aluminum foil, plastic bag, spoons, die forms, etc.
  • Casting in molds – store bought – candy molds, polymer clay molds, paint trays, etc.
  • Free form casting – rubber bands, tape, various walls,
  • Casting in rubber stamps – using polymer clay, cookie cutters,
  • Stamping in polymer clay and casting positive
  • Unsoldered boxes – riveted and stapled
  • Metal working techniques – fold forming, tab setting, sawing, surface textures, upsetting edges,
  • burnishing,
  • Making windows – lenses, glass, hollow
  • Forming pendants
  • Forming rings
  • Including epoxy resin
  • Including polymer clay
  • Concrete project examples

Class 02:

  • Project #1 – unsoldered box(es) filled with concrete and inclusions (micro fasteners)
  • Basic box – stapled with wall treatments (dimpled, bent)
  • Basic box riveted with applied bail or stapled top
  • Basic box with micro fasteners
  • Box with cutout in back
  • 3 sided box
  • Cover brushing after concrete begins to set

Class 03:

  • Tools – show tools and speak of their general use
  • Project #2 – boat/pod with concrete and inclusions
  • Fold forming technique
  • Tube set stone for inclusion

Class 04:

  • Color mixing
  • View samples and mix several colors, both singular and combinations
  • Cover sanding and wire brushing to remove “skin” on concrete
  • Project #3 Landscape pendant
  • Placing colors next to each other keeping them separate

Class 05:

  • Casting –
  • store bought molds
  • making molds – silicone
  • Using found objects and such as molds – plastic bags, spoons, aluminum foil, waxed paper

Class 06:

  • Project #4 and 4 b – Tab Set Cast Piece with integral bail
  • Using a piece cast in a store-bought mold
  • Similar piece using concrete cast in a made mold

Class 07:

  • Fold forming for surface texture
  • Project #5 – “Seeing Your Way Through” cast concrete with glass lens inclusion
  • Casting into a plastic coffee lid
  • Including a glass lens with copy behind
  • Tab set in fold formed copper with integral bail

Class 08:

  • Dapping to form “bowl” forms
  • Explanation of die forming

Class 09:

  • Project #6 casting in die formed metal
  • Surface coloring with powders, paints, gold leaf
  • Wrap-up

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Concrete Jewelry

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
People looking for a new hobby, Artists, Creative folks

Main objective:
Learn to make stunning jewelry pieces with concrete.


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