How to Make a Paper Mache Beetle Box and a Pterodactyl

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Tom will demonstrate, using paper mache, how to make two critters. A beetle with a hidden storage box and a pterodactyl (flying prehistoric reptile) bonus material is how to make the samurai helmet..

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Drawing the body pattern and using it to form the various body parts
  • Forming the body parts with newspaper and masking tape
  • Assembling the body parts
  • Reinforcing the body parts

Class 02:

  • Modifying the head for antennae placement
  • Forming the shell structure
  • Placing the shell on the body
  • Reinforcing the shell placement
  • Designing the box lid latches
  • Adding the paper mache to the sculpture
  • Speeding up the drying proces

Class 03:

  • Designing the box opening
  • Creating the box space in the body
  • Adding paper mache to the body
  • Modifying the sculpture
  • Creating the eyes.
  • Adding the hard skin to the sculpture
  • Adding a wire hook for wall hanging
  • Adding antennae

Class 04:

  • Painting the beetle
  • Choosng a color palate
  • Creating interesting flowing visual paint patterns

Class 05:

  • Refining the paint patterns
  • Adding accent colors
  • Adding a gloss varnish to create shine and preserve the sculpture

Class 06 – Pterodacyl:

  • Forming the body parts
  • Designing the mouth
  • Creating teeth and body spines
  • Drawing a wing schematic
  • Creating a wing framework
  • Creating rear legs, feet and claws
  • Placing rear legs on the body

Class 07:

  • Securing body parts
  • Creating the wing framework
  • Reinforcing the wing skeleton
  • Posing individual wing elements for an interesting pattern
  • Creating the wing membrane
  • Creating the final wing shape
  • Posing the head
  • Modifying the tail to suit taste

Class 08:

  • Creating eyes (choice and placement)

Class 09:

  • Creating a solid “skin” for the sculpture
  • Adding the skin to the body and the wings
  • Painting the sculpture:
  • Applying a primer layer
  • Creating an interesting pattern
  • Choosing a color palate
  • Preserving some transparency in the wing membrane
  • Adding highlights to the sculpture
  • Course Summary showing the completed beetle and pteryodacyl projects,
  • Some final thoughts on the projects and a thank you to all the viewers!


  • Bonus Class: Making the Samurai Helmet

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: How to Make a Paper Mache Beetle

Time table:
9 hours


Target market:

Main objective:
Learn how to use paper and glue to create a whimsical creature.



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