How to Make a Katydid Bug with Fabric Hardener


Katy-did or Didn’t? In this course, Nik is going to show you how to create your own sculpture of a lovely Katy-did bug using fabric and textile hardener to display in your home!

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What You Will Learn

This method will be a different technique than typical statues made with fabric hardener. We will incorporate some sewing, painting and a variety of other texture tidbits to finish this fabulous creepy crawly. Be sure to tune in and join us on this journey into nature!

Nature’s Whispers: Create a Lifelike Katydid Bug with Fabric Hardener & Paverpol”

Transform everyday materials into an extraordinary work of art with our enthralling course, “How to Make a Katydid Bug with Fabric Hardener & Paverpol.” This innovative and engaging class invites you to explore the beauty of nature, while unleashing your creative potential through the versatile medium of fabric hardening and Paverpol.

As you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of textile sculpture, you’ll learn how to expertly manipulate fabric and Paverpol to craft a stunningly lifelike Katydid Bug. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of nature while cultivating your artistic prowess.

As a delightful bonus, you’ll gain exclusive access to a captivating class on creating enchanting silk mushrooms. These delicate, ethereal fungi will perfectly complement your Katydid Bug, adding a touch of woodland wonder to your creation. Additionally, you’ll receive a full transcript of the course’s chat, allowing you to revisit valuable insights, tips, and techniques shared by the instructor and fellow students.

In this mesmerizing course, you’ll:

Explore the captivating world of fabric hardening and Paverpol
Create a strikingly realistic Katydid Bug sculpture
Delight in the art of crafting exquisite silk mushrooms
Engage with a supportive and passionate artistic community
Embrace your creativity and embark on a journey that will transport you to the enchanting realm of nature’s whispers.

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