How to Make a Ballerina Sculpture in Fabric using Fabric Hardener (Paverpol)


In this textile art course we’ll learn: How to make a smooth finish with Paversand, How to dress the statue with Releif decoration, How to make textured effect for hair, Bonus: how to make ballerina slippers. All with Paverpol products

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What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • Intro and bio
  • Choose base for your statuette
  • Make armature skeleton with wires
  • Design the Ballerina pose

Class 02:

  • Model the figure with Tin foil
  • Sculplting forms with the tin foils, such as breasts, buttocks, calves, feet..

Class 03:

  • Mummify the figure

Class 04:

  • Paverpol application

Class 05:

  • Create paste with Paverpol and Paverplast and Paversand and apply to figure

Class 06:

  • Design And create a ballet suit
  • Create hairdo, Necklace and decoration with paste

Class 07:

  • Paint With acrylic colors

Class 08:

  • Create a Tutu made of Releif Decoration and Paverpol

Class 09:

  • Make Ballet slippers
  • Paint with Acrylic colors
  • Making roses with clay and creating stamped effect with the same clay


  • Bonus CLASS: Granite Base, make a Granite effect using Paverpol/Paverplast, Artstone and Paverscrub
  • Bonus CLASS: Making a Stairway

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Ballerina Sculpture in Fabric

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Artists, anyone who loves fiber and sculpting or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to create a ballerina sculpture in fabric


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