How to Dye Yarn and Fibers


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

In this course we’re going to cover things like dye chemistry and how the conditions in the water that we use affect the colors that we get, we’re going to talk about the different types of fibers that you can dye whether they’re prepared fibers or unprepared fibers, how to custom tailor a yarn or fiber or fabric that you need to meet your needs, etc. Regardless of your skill level, whether you’re a knitter, a felter, or you’re not crafty at all and you just want to be able to dye a scarf this class is for you! We’ll talk about things for all skill levels that you can do to dye with acid dyes.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Why dye your own fabric
  • Color theory
  • Types of color
  • What not to mix together
  • Examples

Class 02:

  • Water chemistry
  • Do’s & Dont’s
  • Things in the water that change your fabric
  • Mixing your dyes
  • Different types of immersion dyeing with fabric and yarn
  • Immersion dyeing technique: Solids/Semi-Solids
  • Immersion dyeing technique: Two-Tones

Class 03:

  • Dipping Technique
  • Sprinkling Technique
  • Intermediate Fiber Dyeing Techniques

Class 04:

  • Barrier Dyeing Technique
  • Dyeing with rubber bands
  • Creating stripes and color blocks
  • Different types of barrier dyeing with fabric and yarn
  • Injections: using syringes for color effects

Class 05:

  • Kettle Dyeing Technique: Yarn
  • Kettle Dyeing Technique: Roving

Class 06:

  • Dyeing profiles
    The business side of things:
    – How to price
    – Where to sell
    – Dealing with competition
    – …and more!
  • Advanced Fiber Dyeing Techniques

Class 07:

  • Blanks:
    – Dip
    – Sprinkles
    – Sponge
    – …and more!

Class 08:

  • Formal Hand Painting
    – Yarns and roving
    – Sponges
    – Squirt bottles
  • Fabrics
    – Felted pieces

Class 9:

  • Fixing overdyed and poorly dyed pieces
  • Before & Afters

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