How to Crochet Adorable Baby Hats

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Out of everything I crochet, newborn hats are the most popular and I get asked for them regularly. Of course, the cuteness factor can never be underestimated, never mind the chance to keep baby’s head warm. Did you know we lose more heat from the top of our head than anywhere else? So you can see why baby hats are so important.

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What You Will Learn

In this course, we will go from a basic crochet hat pattern to cute woodland animals visiting several techniques.

What you will learn:

Class 1:

  • About the instructor
  • Different styles of baby hats,
  • Basic shape
  • Magic ring – increases

Class 2:

  • Bridge nose
  • Fox hat
  • Racoon hat

Class 3:

  • Ear flaps
  • Polar Bear

Class 4:

  • Owl hat eyes
  • Ears beak and cords

Class 5:

  • Owl hat
  • Double yarn
  • Bridge

Class 6

  • Osito
  • Crochet Patterns



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