Glass Art Symposium 2021


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Glass Art Symposium is a yearly online event bringing glass artists together to show you the latest techniques in glass.

Our Goal:
• To inspire people on all things Polymer clay
• To educate people on different techniques and new trends
• To discuss the industry, products, and changes

Lifetime Access, Anywhere, Anytime

In-Depth Instructions

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What You Will Learn

Take your glass art skills to the next level! Showcasing workshops & demos from 20+ of the world’s best glass artists.


  • Cheryl Peterson
    Stunning Stained Glass Orchid Arrangement
  • Nilawan Suwansathien
    It’s a Bug’s Life!
  • Cheryl Farrens
    Fusing Glass and Clay
  • Carrie Strope
    Basketweave Groutless Mosaic Mirrors
  • Cathy Vitale
    No Bones About It!
  • Lavae Aldrich
    Frit Painting
  • Karen Birdwell
    Freeze n Fuse Night Light
  • Sarah McGuinness
    Fused Meadow
  • Elisiane Oliveira
    Heart Pendant from a Transparent Bottle
  • Starr Payne
    Ocean Wave Necklace
  • Petra Kaiser
    Cast It – My Way
  • Judy Wall
    Mosaic Glass Art
  • Mary C. Weber
    Glass Bouquet
  • Stefani Nachatilo
    Painting on Glass with Paint and Frit Glass Fusing Workshop
  • Sarinda Jones
    How to Make Fused Art Glass Jewelry
  • Deb Rich
    Lampwork Glass Peacock Necklace
  • Tracy Arietti
    Unbroken – The Art of Kintsugi
  • Dawn Gaye
    The Sunny Tiffany Lamp
  • Jodi McRaney-Rusho
    Egyptian Paste
  • Kathie Camara
    Mermaid with Dolphin
  • Marcy Lamberson
    Spooktacular Halloween Lampwork Beads
  • Tremaine Fenton
    Tila Stackers
  • Pascale Bigot
    Wire Fused Glass Cabochon
  • Kat Huddleston
    Exploring the Magic of Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry
  • Ilene Barnett
    Multi-layered tack Fused Glass Christmas Trees
  • Shelly Woollvin
    Glass Moon Beads
  • Gökşen Parlatan
    How to Make a Mosaic Coaster

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