From Traditional Quilting to Contemporary Art Quilting


Are you a person who likes to do your own thing, loves fabric, and is excited to learn new ways of working with it? Or are you just starting out and find yourself drawn to all the exciting contemporary art quilts?

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What You Will Learn

Join us with Kathleen Baer, here at Curious Mondo for a journey of creativity and learning as we discover how to go from using patterns, templates, and others designs to designing and making your own art quilt pieces and become a Fiber Artist.

Class 1:

  • About the instructor
  • How simple things like fabric and color choices will help you go from traditional to contemporary or
    modern quilting.

Class 2:

  • Using a design wall and cutting fabric freehand, you will create your own fabric.

Class 3:

  • Using your created fabric, you will cut it apart and sew it back together to make an art piece.

Class 4:

  • Starting with blocks of fabric we will cut them apart and sew them back together.

Class 5:

  • See how using “zingers” makes your quilt sing.

Class 6

  • Using a design wall we will arrange the pieces we have made in a pleasing way and sew them all together.

Class 7:

  • Improvisational Piecing.

Class 8:

  • Learn various ways of adding inserts to create very different looks.

Class 9:

  • Using a design wall we will arrange the pieces we have made in a pleasing way and sew them all together.


BONUS CLASS: How to use snippets of thread and fabric to make your own fabric that can be used in making your own pieces.
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